Talents listing

Elusoji Sodeeq (amanhasnoname)
Voice-overs, Dancers, Comedians

I am Sodeeq, Give me a call on , and you can also email me at

Ikeja, Lagos
Abiodun Adedeji
OAPs, MCs, Voice-overs

I am a renowned international artist. You will get value for the services i render. Call me on [number not allowed] or email me at

AKINBULUMO Oluwatosin (BadboyVic)

I am Crazy but Calm, Full of myself but Funny, Stupid but Smart Now, remove the first set of adjectives and describe me with the rest.

Abdulazeez Ogunjobi Abdulazeez (AzBrimatel)
Actors, Comedians, Musicians

Am simple

Isioma Judith (Juddie)
Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Leaders

I'm interesting

Agbomabiwon Adedeji (D.J)
Musicians, Dancers, MCs

I am super good

Suleimann Joseph (Brand Designer)
Graphic Designers, Website Developers, Facilitators

I am a Creative Director with experience in communications and Ad concept design, Strategy and Brand Identity. I can be very useful in makin...

Ikeja, Lagos
E Eliseus (McTester)
Voice-overs, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

Can test anything

Nnewi, Nigeria